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408 Darwin Makes Another Memorable Cut Called “Downplay”

Updated: May 3

We covered 408 Darwin in late 2022 and if you didn’t see the vision then, you most certainly will this year. Now building from a hotbed of talent like Atlanta, LA, NYC, Chicago or wherever there’s a prominent scene is a bit of a simpler path. But to catch the attention of the industry coming out of Lexington, Kentucky, now that’s an impressive feat. Darwin is still in school, but he’s paving the way to sustain a pristine career.

Often accompanied by the producer Marvy Ayy, and this one is no different, our protagonists continue to build something brilliant. “Downplay” is a dark, yet steady set of percussion, and Darwin‘s voice struts on top of it without any sort of fear. A big thing that these young artists don’t have an abundance of is confidence. But here and now, 408 doesn’t slip in the slightest.

He stands tall in a world full of clones, always making sure his sound is never borrowed from a peer. Darwin doesn’t have time for the games or the frills of the industry, instead, it feels like he’s here to change the game with every offering to the public. “Downplay” is a real mood for the fearless and those not worried about their competition. Darwin is on the road to being a star, so get hip.

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