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Blvck Svm Circles The Bases Yet Again With His EP “Mangalica Mink”

There is so much talent in music right now, but I feel as if people don’t search deeply enough. But to be very honest, you don’t need to look too closely to understand how Blvck Svm is elevating. Consistently outdoing himself in his prior work, but paving a catalogue for fans to grow with makes this guy one of the best rappers out.

Up and down this project is the same amount of mind-bending punchlines, but with a bit more uptempo percussive elements. Svm chooses pockets only made for royalty and the features on here exude such. Valee and Isaac Zale accent what he already brings to the table, but I think the listener will enjoy the fact there’s real chemistry between their cadences.

“Tiffany Case” and “Pyrex” are the two that sink into my cortex the most. But just because those two hit the hardest to my ears, doesn’t mean that the other cuts on the opus lag behind. Instead, it’s quite the opposite. Each of these songs is made to make sure that the cohesive effort of this project is fluid. Svm and his team make calculated moves look like pure habit and they will continue to go up. Mangalica Mink is scary good, peep it all below.

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