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Destin Laurel Shows An Amalgamation Of Talents With His New EP “Searching For Klarity”

Atlanta is a wild place. Not only is it a continuous hotbed for talent to emerge from every few weeks. But there is a certain tenacity that artists from the city possess. The ability to stand out from a crowd of what seems like hundreds of talented creatives, and to shine with your own identity is not an easy feat. In the case of Destin Laurel, he checks off all the boxes and then some. Searching For Klarity is a wondrous EP including eight songs, which were mostly self-produced.

The overall mood is very lucid but allows the connection of Laurel to his fans to grow stronger with each passing cut. “i suppose” is the wave that the fans got a taste of in 2022, but cuts like “in’here” and “condition” solidify this might be Laurel‘s best work to date. The amalgamation of melodies, and tones from his auditory approach are a rich arsenal for our protagonist to choose from. And it really comes down to his mood as to what he will gift the world with.

Regardless from top to bottom of this thing, the talent is undeniable. Artists should strive to have half of the creative intuition that Destin has with this project. But don’t take it from me, peep the gas below.

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