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Foxxdye Drops The Incredibly Catchy "Between The Lines"

Foxxdye is a trio of musicians that deserve a vast amount of attention. And after peeping their video for "Between The Lines" you are met with sheer creativity right from the start. The song and plot of video meld together with our protagonist falling for the girlfriend of one of his friends. He wants her to do as the title says, but it doesn't seem like there is much of a budge or any picking up on hints. Running after this feeling that is obviously off limits makes the heart grow fonder, but at the end of this video, it turns into violence.

Can't say we blame the BF, but it's great to see young artists putting so much effort into their visuals. Foxxdye already gifts the world stellar brilliance regarding their instrumentation and songwriting. Though this extra umph, allows the fans to see the entire package. These attritbutes are all a part of the bigger argument as to why the world should be paying attention. Foxxdye isn't too worried, they'll just keep dropping cool shit like this.

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