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GUY Returns With Another Cut Called "Area Codes"

Another W from this rising Jersey-bred phenom.

GUY is one of those artists who is vastly overlooked but has real fans checking for his drops. Following up the release of "Reloaded", which has amassed over 160K streams, he returns with another heater called "Area Codes". In these visuals we see GUY with his friends running in the darkness delivering his sermon.

The wave is audacious but you can feel the talent brimming at the seams of the screen. GUY's pairing of soothing croons and precisely timed cadences, congregate around the beat in a stellar manner. And what makes this man different than his competition is the sheer smoothness of his delivery. Whether it's braggadocios shit-talking cut like this one or a softer side of things like "Reloaded", GUY is gonna be around for a while.

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