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Heath240 Makes Heads Turn With His Latest Video For "Baby Blues"

Heath240 makes his first appearance on our new pages with his video for "Baby Blues". His approach to music is very unique and his vocals shine through in a vulnerable light. The subtle imperfections in his voice win the listener over. And what really strays above is his songwriting ability. "Baby Blues" chorus possesses one of the most infectious melodies and cadences in recent memory. It's so easy to digest, so easy to learn and it'll be in your head for the rest of the day. And with production by Josh Schuback, the auditory canvas he created was perfect for Heath's styling.

Though this redundancy is a good thing because it familiarises a stranger with his wave. And that's even before we get into the video which is a sight to see as well. Josh Schuback and Aleksa Samardzic handled the direction, while Pavel Gazdyuk framed the shots of these poignant scenes. The duality of the bright moods with his lover, then him in this suit looking like he's on the way to his own funeral. These are the extra touches that the rest of modern music needs to pay attention to. Heath240 goes out of his way to deliver his art like none other, you can't sleep on this one.

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