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MAF Teeski's "Slick Almighty" Is One Of Chicago's Best Albums This Year

MAF Teeski is the Prince of Chicago.

Teeski is unlike any other artist out right now. He comes from the unforgiving city of Chicago, but he doesn't blend into the pack like a good portion of his peers. Instead this young man shows and proves that he's here to go down as one of the best. With fourteen new cuts a new listener will transform into a fan after just one listen.

Fans might have gotten hip from the Herbo collaboration, but there's so much more to explore when it comes to Slick Almighty. The brutally honest storytelling is a portrayal of what this young man has experienced in his life. Then to transfer into a vivid depiction of real life experience makes for a chance for new ears to connect.

Cuts like "Him" and "Catch A B" exude top-tier confidence, and build off of other songs like "Memorial Charm" and "3 AM". Its rare that an artist can come into the spotlight and deliver a real moment from start to finish. MAF Teeski did just that so don't get left behind.

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