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  • Joe Winsler

mynameisntjmack Stuns With His New EP "Bookmark"

jmack is one of those few artists who knows how to translate his vision from making the music himself to looks in a visual form. And what you have to love about the project like this is that he took the time to shoot six visuals to accompany his art. In the form of a documentary jmack linked with Cultivision, gifting the people another stellar element to delve into the project with.

bookmark is genuinely a journal for jmack showcasing how many ups and downs he's gone through over the past year. Battles with substances and focusing on how to grow as an artist give off this feeling of vulnerability that a good portion of artists struggle to convey. With cuts like "Leak", "Transport" and "Scars" there isn't a dose of emotion that gets ignored in the process. Shining Production from Gutty, John Wehmeyer, Zach Neiss, Stoicbeats, and Limo, with a string feature from Yutu Midi, both add a factor that can't be replicated.

This project was a real process for jmack and his team. The only way they could have made this was by living it and it showcases why it came out so fluidly. mynameisntjmack has a real identity with his music, so get to know this young man and his brilliance.

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