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  • Joe Winsler

Sækyi Is Back With His Video For "Sedentary"

VA's newest rising star isn't slowing down soon.

Sækyi is back with his new frames for "Sedentary" and this is arguably one of the best music videos coming from an independent artist this year. Aside from the fact that he was given $500 from Distrokid to make this cinematic moment, we see our main character going through a range of powerful emotions.

With the framing of each shot, there is a feeling that pairs alongside of it. The introspection allows the viewer to see a deeper look into what Sækyi was going through at the time. 2020 was when the song was cooked up with efforts from Brandon Jhon on the production and the pen from Sækyi and Eric Penn.

This powerful trio of Virginia-bred creatives truly made a film-like experience that lasts less than two minutes. With direction from two white guys, we are put into a trance-like state following the feelings that plague our hero. Sækyi's music is that great, that it needs to be viewed by the people of the world. This man deserves your time, so peep the gas above.

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