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  • Joe Winsler

Shah Infinite Is Making Noise With His New Single "IDTTK"

Shah is new to our pages with his talents, but with "IDTTK" it seems like he has the skill to be on any site. Dorned with a soul sample and a taste to run up the score, Infinite is just that. A man with no ceiling and unlimited passion for art. It's quite easy to feel when certain artists are just in it for the glitz and glamour, but Shah doesn't give off that feeling.

You can tell he's having fun with this music and his candid glares melded with top-tier punchlines make for a stellar moment of cohesion. Yes, it definitely gives off this retro-inspired wave, but the overall attitude is moving forward with energy. Another great example of this one is the fact his vocals run up and down this instrumentation keeping the ear interested from start to finish.

Overall Shah Infinite will continue to push the needle with his music and until the next drop, make sure you pay attention to this one today.

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