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SoloSam Might Have Video Of The Year With This One

"Haters" is a strong message to the naysayers from this rising Chicago artist.

Sam continues to make stellar noise with every single drop and "Haters" has been out for a week so the people have gotten a solid taste of the wave. Though Sam had other plans to hit us on our head tops. Linking with the masterful minds at Stripmallproductions for the graphic effects, our protagonist handled the direction like a true visionary.

This man definitely has a taste for being the creative vision from start to finish, but only enlists his trust in a chosen few. As we see slight accents of light melding with the opaque darkness, Sam and his confidence illuminate the screen. From the framing, to the translation from the auditory attack to the screen, this might be one of the best video's of the year from any independant artist. Sam is not playing around this season, so don't sleep on the greatness above.

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