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Taz Money Links With Cash Cobain For Their Explosive Cut "Oochie Wally"

From Tampa to Harlem, this one goes crazy.

Florida and Harlem have connected in a world full of brazen bass with a familiar sample. Taz Money, a rugged Tampa artist unscathed by anything that comes in his way, made the call to Cash, who is running the game right now. This link-up isn't one you would expect but a great artist can push past regional barriers. Taz does precisely that with "Oochie Wally" showing and proving from the start.

In just one minute and twelve seconds, we are gifted a world of unparalleled creativity. The melding of Taz's street lingo, paired with the classic sample and pulsating kicks all adds to the scene. Cash's verse is nothing short of stellar, teasing the ear for more after he's finished.

Daring jumps into production for many artists may seem like a tough feat, but it's all in a days work for our protagonists. This seems like it's the beginning of the flood from Taz, but this is yet another notch in the belt. Get acquainted with a new classic below.

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