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whiterosemoxie Taps In With Us For An Exclusive Called "Don't Trip" (UGS Exclusive)

Whiterosemoxie links with the hometeam for an exclusive drop called "Don't Trip". This Detroit legend has been building his name and catalog over the past few years and will continue to do so whether the world is paying attention or not. We don't think this will be too much of an issue because the inevitable heat is on the way.

"Don't Trip" is electric to say the very least, playing with the lively percussive elements. This pairs with moxie's baritone register and creates kinetic energy flowing off each side of the coin. With these mind-bending edits, we see our hero in his element running up the score. There's an elbow atop his head and smoke filling the air, only adding to the fact this video is a solid notch in the belt.

Add some momentum and a few more of these releases strung together, moxie will end up having another stellar year. Whatever's in his path, it will never stop the flow of whiterosemoxie and his releases, until the next one peep the gas above.

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