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Blvck Svm & PilotKid Link For Their Majestic "Jetsvm" EP

Svm and Pilotkid are unlike any rapper-producer duo we've seen in modern times. What we mean by that is the simple fact they build off of each other's creativity in such a stellar way, this EP exudes both of their skillsets. In seven songs we are shown these different pockets of music that give off a common theme. That this is high-level Rap shit and you can either get with it or get left behind.

Starting things off with "Thebreakers" which flips a very recognizable sample, Svm gifts the world his sermon. "Komodobelt" thumps with powerful kick drums and the protagonist's rich baritone delivery. "Oxtailgravy" is a real standout because of the sheer glide that both Pilotkid and Svm provide. The incredibly subtle filtering of the sample instrumentation forming around the vocals is damn near perfect. Then the percussion comes in to surround Svm in an auditory tapestry. But there isn't a cut that lags behind the rest, instead, it all works together to deliver one of the best rap projects of 2023. Don't take our word for it, just peep it all below.

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