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Cherele Reminds Us She's Cool Under Pressure With "Ain't Worried"

Florida has been a hotbed for emerging talent in the rap scene, and Cherele has been making waves with her infectious energy, lyrical prowess, and unique storytelling. Hailing from Ft. Meyers, she brings a fresh perspective to the game. "Ain't Worried" is that shining sound and it doesn't stammer or run away from the competition.

The delivery of her verse's exude a top-tier form of confidence that allows the ear to not only hear her, but believe it as well. That's the difference between a lot of rappers, some are just heard while those with the real fans are experienced. Cherele has the ability to string together these wins, and it's only a matter of time before the world catches up. With her dynamic flow and captivating storytelling, she is well-positioned to leave a lasting impact, not just in Florida but on the broader stage of Rap.

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