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E The Profit Drops Off His First Single Of 2023 Called “Pull Up”

Updated: Apr 4

E has been building his catalogue the way you’re supposed to. With consistent, quality drops and a tenacious approach to music overall. Pairing with, you guessed it, Rocco Roy for the killer percussion, this duo picks up right where “And 1” left off. And this isn’t the typical lackadaisical wave that modern music critics explain to have plagued the game. Instead, this one is just unapologetically, E.

With an atmospheric feel overall, the spaced-out, reverbed environment will have you running it back after just one listen. E has always been incredibly confident with his styling, but now the world will hear it even more. Roc is another maestro of the underground and oftentimes doesn’t get the credit he deserves. Being able to translate an idea into a finished product is a feat that few can achieve. He does it with ease, time and time again.

These two just started their tour support for Token on his Midwest leg, but are sure to shine in a league all their own. What does the future hold? Who knows exactly, but what we do predict is a steady rise in buzz with every single drop. “Pull Up” and run it back a few times.

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