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Eric Penn Showcases His Top-Tier Talent On "Catastrophic"

Modern music is at a weird point. A lot of complaints about the waves sounding the same and the sheer lack of feeling shining through the clouds. Well, my response to that is people aren't looking hard enough. Eric Penn is one of those artists who deserve the chance because of a number of reasons. His song "Catastrophic" bleeds emotion through your speakers. The vulnerability his voice exudes draws every new consumer in. Then to maintain this register and during a live performance, sitting down at that! It's insane the amount of talent that has gone into this single cut. He captivates from start to finish.

Eric is from the DMV but currently calls Harlem home. This makes total sense because both of those places are rich with heritage and cultural feelings. Talent breeds others to rise and Penn has grown into an R&B veteran within these city limits. But the limits end at that because this man has the formula. The only missing aspect is the fan base. That will come due to this brilliant reintroduction to the world. Eric Penn is onto something, don't miss it.

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